More detail is coming soon, but to whet your appetite and see how this will IMPACT you, here is a snap shot of what just some of Saturday, 17 March 2018 will look like!


  • Bravery on Stage!
  • Bravery in Business!
  • Bravery in Life!

Lisa McInnes Smith will host this session that features four mini-keynotes, presented by:

  • Rabia Siddique CSP
  • Karen Boyes
  • Margot Halbert
  • Marayke Caroline Jonkers

Lisa will facilitate messages of bravery and facilitate conversations between presentations.

Business Buddies on SUSTAINABILITY

The session is hosted by Colin James and involves getting stuck into the nitty gritty of diverse business models and what can assist all participants to build a sustainable speaking/presenting business.  The session will feature a variety of mini-keynotes, interviews, and panel methodology:

  • Erica Bagshaw
  • Ali & Darren Hill
  • Dr Jason Fox & Dr Kim Lam
  • Colin McInnes-Smith

Colin will start the session by talking about how his business model looked in 2007 (the last time Glenn Capelli put together the design of a PSA Convention) and how it looks now. He will then facilitate participant conversations between the presentations.