The full program is on its way, but to whet your appetite and see how this will IMPACT you, here is a snap shot of the 2018 Convention Card.

Opening with Impact! – Friday (16 March 2018)

Juke Box Theme: The Overture

Chaired by Glenn Capelli CSP and featuring…

  • Winston Marsh CSP and Lauris Marsh
  • David Koutsoukis CSP
  • National President Warwick Merry CSP
  • Helen Macdonald CSP and Kirryn Zerna
  • Cam Calkoen

Plus special guest attractions and surprises.

Bravehearts (Plenary) – Saturday morning (17 March 2018)

Juke Box Theme: I Am Woman Hear Me Roar

Helen Reddy’s theme will be championed as Lisa McInnes-Smith CSP leads a team of brilliant women:

  • Rabia Siddique CSP
  • Karen Boyes CSP
  • Margo Halbert CSP
  • Three-time Olympian Sally Callie
  • Multi-medal winning Paralympic swimmer Marayke Caroline Jonkers

Exploring the theme of Bravery: being brave on stage, being brave in business and being brave in life.

Workshop #1 – Saturday morning (17 March 2018)

How to Design Laughter Into Your Presentations

Juke Box Theme: Make ‘Em Laugh

Ricky Nowak CSP hosts Lisa O’Neil and Julie Cross CSP: An exploration of the why, how and the ‘Pow!’ of incorporating laughter in your design and delivery.

How To Stay In Business: Then, Now & Tomorrow

Juke Box Theme: Looking Forward, Looking Back

David Koutsoukis CSP hosts Winston Marsh CSP, Lauris Marsh and Leanne Christie in tracing three decades of Speaking Success from the Speaker’s Point of View and the Speaker Bureau Point of View… with a particular emphasis on what you need to be doing NOW to lay good foundations for what’s coming next!

The Culture Of Systems and Service

Juke Box Theme: Dem Bones

Systems thinking expert Sarah Cornally CSP joins with Unwritten Ground Rules originator Steve Simpson CSP to explore your business as a successful system (and how to educate people in systems, service and culture!)

Workshop #2 – Saturday morning (17 March 2018)

Attention To Detail – in Presenting & Business

Juke Box Theme: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP hosts a session with USA speaker Trevor Perry and Australia’s Ian Stephens CSP dedicated to getting into nitty gritty details… how to design great slides… how to develop your Power Story and up your business…

Staying Alive – in Love & Business!

Juke Box Theme: Staying Alive

There are many different business models that can bring you sustained success. Yvonne Collier CSP and Dean Collier explore the business model that has kept them together in life, love and business for decades… incorporating business roles (division of labour), what has worked, what hasn’t and the role of new media.

Impact on Education

Juke Box Theme: Teach Your Children

Tony Ryan CSP hosts Chris Sarra, Sally Callie and Brendan Barlow on the need to impact education, the cost of low expectation and how speaking/teaching methodology reaches diverse students.

Business Buddies (Plenary) – Saturday afternoon (17 March 2018)

Juke Box Theme: Taking Care of Business

Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) meets The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
With support from The Hilltop Hoods

When BTO had a hit with TCOB in 1973 the professional speaking industry in Australia did not exist, school guidance officers were not recommending speaking as a career and the Speaking Industry being a billion dollar field was not even thought of. Today, there are many sustainable business models that exist and we reveal the diversity, the challenges and the tips for you to create the sustainable model that will work for you. Getting the ‘nitty gritty’ of how much you need to earn before you make a dollar and how to remain on the top of your hill in your hood. The theme of this session is… sustainability.

Hosted by Colin James CSP with…

  • Erica Bagshaw
  • Ali & Darren Hill
  • Dr Jason Fox CSP and Dr Kim Lam
  • Colin McInnes-Smith

Never before has so much Speaker Business talent been on stage together!

Workshop #3 – Saturday afternoon (17 March 2018)

From Start to Grow to Flow – the best business model for you!

Juke Box Theme: Rolling With the Flow

Keith Abraham CSP and Chinmay Ananda explore the different approaches they have taken in developing a successful business model and how you can find the best business model that works for you.

Conducting Yourself – Presentation Rhythm

Juke Box Theme: Ode to Joy

Former Opera singer and keynote speaker Louise Mahler CSP hosts world famous conductor Dobbs Franks and Australian conductor/musician Robert Clark on what presenters/speakers can learn from music, rhythm, conductors and song.

Innovation Imagination!

Juke Box Theme: Revolution

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw CSP and gerontologist Dr Drew Dwyer explore the themes of innovating in business, presenting and life. The long and the short of it!
Plus special guest attractions and surprises.

Workshop #4 – Saturday afternoon (17 March 2018)

Juke Box Theme: The Overture

Playing The Bigger Game – Impacting the World!

Juke Box Theme: Rocking All Over the World

Rowdy McLean CSP and Cyriel Kortleven CSP explore how you can play a BIGGER game with every client and how you can spread your impact at a deep local level, national level and international level. Cyriel will outline how a speaker from Brussels, Belgium, has built his speaking beyond borders. Both Rowdy and Cyriel will help you build your speaking beyond borders!

The YOB – Impacting Your Audience!

Juke Box Theme: A Little Ray Of Sunshine

Glenn Capelli CSP hosts a session based on how to develop your YOB (Year Of Birth) Story and how the YOB has been adapted and used in a multitude of presentations. Tara Diversi demonstrates her YOB and how she uses it along with… Phil Preston who demonstrates his adaptation of the YOB concept and… a Mike Day demonstration of an adventurous use of Yob by a CEO. You then work on how to develop and use your own YOB in presentations.

Third Workshop To Be Announced

The Ethics Of Methodology (Plenary) – Sunday morning (18 March 2018)

Education Awardee David Penglase CSP hosts other Education Awardees – Glenn Capelli CSP, Colin James CSP, Lisa McInnes-Smith CSP and Steve Simpson CSP – to explore the process of impacting methodology and ethics.

Our Hall of Fame Educator of the Year Awardees, or “Stoolies” as they’re reverently referred to, each employ a variety of methodology and techniques to positively engage and inspire their audiences to make life better. However, beyond the privilege of the platform (and sometimes on the platform), not all influencers use the power of educational methodology and influencing techniques in positive ways. Welcome to the dark side of influence! This year’s Stoolies session will challenge you to think deeply about the ways in which you can use your methodology and influencing techniques for both good and bad, and how good and bad use of methodology and techniques can be the key to determining the level of success in your presentations.

Workshop #5 – Sunday morning (18 March 2018)

Ethical Excellence – the Benefits of Playing a Higher Game

Juke Box Theme: Believe

Professional Codes of Conduct are often viewed, albeit mostly subconsciously, as being of primary benefit to others … to customers, to fellow professionals, and respective industries as a whole.

Yet, on deeper examination, the benefits of adhering to an uncompromising set of exemplary behaviours: are weighted far more in favour of the professional themselves.

This session on Ethical Excellence will explore and explain, using the PSA Code of Professional Ethics as its foundation, how playing a higher game can and will deliver enormous economic, and social benefits to your speaking business.

Graham Harvey CSP and Pamela Wigglesworth CSP explore the ethics of our industry: on page, on screen, on stage, in business…in life. Hard hitting yet fair-minded. Ethics may be the most important impact of all.

Impact of Theatre

Juke Box Theme: There’s No Business Like Show Business

Peter Merrett introduces the theatricality of presenting and combines with American singer/speaker/emcee Lynn Rose to explore how a touch of Show Business can add to your Own Business.

Rockin’ The World – All the World’s a Stage

Juke Box Theme: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Our Presidents tell us what is going on in the Speaking World – all over the World – and they tell you how to become an International Hit!

Workshop #6 – Sunday morning (18 March 2018)

Juke Box Theme: The Overture

O Power – Impact on Education Two

Juke Box Theme: Teach Your Children

Tony Ryan CSP hosts Chris Sarra, Meg Gallagher and Steve Francis CSP on impacting all people – particularly students – on the power of Oracy: speaking skills. Plus Meg teaches us what & why students need to learn about their Magic Brain.

Impact Of Disruption

Juke Box Theme: All Shook Up

Hosted by Louise Karch.  Louise, Rael Bricker (Finance Presenter) and Matthew Burgess CSP (Legal Presenter) explore Riding the Disruption Waves (or creating them) and maintaining the ethical “centre”.

Mental Health For Presenters & Presenting Mental Health Materials

Juke Box Theme: RUOK

Graeme Cowan hosts Anne Riches CSP, Suzanne Waldron and De Backman-Hoyle CSP in exploring sustainable strategies for the mental health challenges in our industry and for presenting mental health material